The Vision of the Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers Club is to develop and maintain a fraternity of persons interested in all aspects of whittling and woodcarving.

Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

Meeting:      May 8, 2014


Present:       Linda Anderson, Bob Dawson, Bill Dearborn, Peter Dielschnieder,

Gord Eistteter,  Emile Gaudet, Dave Hornung, Herb Klassen, Tory Neald

John Robertson, Ken Smith, Alex Tivas 


Approval of the Mar. 13, 2014 Minutes.

          Moved: Emile Gaudet                       Seconded: Ken Smith


Information/Questions/Concerns from or for:


          The April Financial report was presented.

The current membership is 40. 


More beginners classes will be scheduled for the fall. If anyone is interested in instructing, please let Tory or Bob know.

Emile Gaudet requested that Sask Culture be approached to develop a Grant request to bring in a “high level” instructor to teach a class.

A HUGE THANK-YOU goes out to Andre Beaudoin. Since Christmas, he has cut out over 65 blanks for the Thursday night carving sessions.


Bill reported that the website is up to date with pictures from the show.


No report. Samir does a great job on the Newsletter but can always use help with content


          -The majority of Linda’s remarks related to the next 2 items.


Spring Woodworking Show – May 3 & 4, 2014

-Help received was good and appreciated.

-Preliminary financial results indicate the show was financially successful as well.

-Tartan Curling Club is booked for May 2 & 3, 2015.

-A committee will be formed in the fall to divide up the work for next year’s show.

-General discussion on the things that worked and ideas for improvements for next year.

          -Banquet and caterers were excellent

-May want to consider moving the exhibitor’s parking spaces

-Is there someone else we can partner with?



Queen City Ex –July 30 – Aug 3, 2014

          -The club will have a display at the Ex again this year.

          -If you can help, please let Linda know.

          -Help is needed in several areas:





                   Set-up and takedown


Other Business.

-Peter Dielschneider has a request for a carving demo at a library in Regina. 

-Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre is looking for carving instructors. Let Herb know if you are interested. 

-A show attendee has some wood available. Contact Herb Klassen if you would like his phone number. 


          Moved: Alex Tivas                  Seconded: Emile Gaudet


Following the meeting Dave Hornung did a short demo on making your own sanding drums.



Upcoming meetings:

                             Sep 11, 2014   7:00       Neil Balkwill  Meeting 

Sep 18, 2014   7:00       Neil Balkwill  Carving Night $5 

Oct 9, 2014     7:00        Neil Balkwill  Gathering 

Oct 16, 2014    7:00       Neil Balkwill   Carving Night $5 

                             Nov 13, 2014   7:00       Neil Balkwill  Meeting  

Nov 20, 2014   7:00       Neil Balkwill  Carving Night $5

Dec 11, 2014   7:00       Neil Balkwill  Christmas Gathering


Club Happenings

Next Meetings:

Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

Regular meetings are held at 7:00pm on the Second Thursday of the month. The odd numbered months are formal business meetings.

Jan 11, 2018
Feb 8, 2018
Mar 8. 2018
Apr 12, 2018
May 10, 2018

Neil Balkwill Centre,
Elphinstone St. Regina

Monthly Carving Nights

On the third Thursday of the month at the Neil Balkwill Centre, Elphinstone St. Regina at 7:00pm

Jan. 18, 2018
Feb 15, 2018
Mar 15, 2018
Apr 19, 2018

Project Blank Provided - Cost $5.00

Free Drop-In Carving

Wednesday Mornings

9:30am - Noon

Neil Balkwill Centre
Elphinstone St. Regina



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