The Vision of the Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers Club is to develop and maintain a fraternity of persons interested in all aspects of whittling and woodcarving.

Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

Annual Meeting January 22, 2015


Present: Linda Anderson, Bob Brann, Wayne Cann, Bob Dawson, Bill Dearborn, Peter    Dielschneider, Ken Smith, Alex Tivas.

Introduction: We are required to hold an annual meeting as we are a non-profit club.

Minutes of the last annual meeting, January 9, 2014, were read and discussed. The insurance has been done. There were no questions. These minutes were accepted by the club.

Moved: Ken Smith                             Seconded: Peter Dielschneider


Special Motion: Motion to donate $100.00 to the Alzheimer’s Society in lieu of rent for Tory’s Shop for the Beginner’s Carving Classes and other classes and events to be      held in 2015.

Financial Report: The club had a basically a break-even year. It should also be noted that there was $300.00 revenue from Beginner classes and $700.00 from the sale of blanks for the Thursday carving nights. A big KUDO to Andre Beaudoin, that is a lot of blanks!!!

            Treasurer’s 2014 year-end statement was reviewed.

            The club had 47 members.

            Moved that the 2014 Statements are accepted as presented without audit or      review.

                        Moved: Bob Dawson                          Seconded: Alex Tivas


Programs: Doris Sheldon’s Wood Spirit class went well.

On Oct 17th Chris Hammack will be conducting a Caricature Carving class. His      website is, take a look and see his carving style.  Chris will have a number of rough-outs available, at the class and you can take your pick of them for your carving project, the cost for the rough-outs will be in addition to the class fees and will be payable to the instructor. He will have full figured rough-outs as well as 'Barfly' busts for the class.

There will be a Beginner’s Class January 30th and 31st . There are six signed-up and one tentative. Leaving room for one more. The second part of the Beginners  Class, ‘Knife Carving Projects’, instructed by Bob Dawson will be held February            6th and 7th. The club would like to thank Bob Dawson for his hard work on             program. KUDO’s to you Bob. We are looking forward to Herb Klassen at this new position to him.

Newsletter: The club cannot express enough thanks for the good work that Samir is     doing on the newsletter. GREAT  JOB Samir.

Website: It was agreed that Bill is doing a great job on our ‘professional looking’ website. Bill would like to see more photos of members’ carvings. KUDO and        THANKS to Bill Dearborn.

President’s Report: This is Linda’s second year as our hard-working and knowledgeable president. 2014 was a very good year for our club. The Spring Show was a success and even generated a profit. The display that the club put on at the EX generated a lot of interest in our club. Classes for beginners, Introduction to Power Carving, Carving on Thursdays (3rd Thursday of the month), and Wednesday morning drop-in at the Neil Balkwill Centre are all successful programs. The club had a special Saturday for carving comfort birds.

 Linda mentioned that she is talking with a Charitable Organization to see if they would be interested in partnering with us to raffle for the Carousel Horse. This       organization is province wide. If this is a go it should generate exposure for our club and recoup expenses incurred in carving the carousel horse. Linda has another meeting with this organization the 2nd week of February. The carvers who carved and painted the carousel horse will make any decisions needed. We will acquire a large photo-poster(s) of the horse for display purposes. Perhaps the club will need to purchase some eight foot and/or six foot tables

KUDO’s to Linda for being our President (at least for another year).

 Activities: The club reviewed the meeting of the Planning Committee of the 2015  Woodcarvers and Woodturners Spring Show.

 We are planning on going back into the EX.

 Nominations:         President:        Linda Anderson  

                                    Vice President:

                                    Secretary:        Wayne Cann

                                    Treasurer:        Herb Klassen


                                    Program:          Herb Klassen

                                    Newsletter:      Samir Makar

                                    Website:          Bill Dearborn

            Motion to accept this list-

                        Moved: Peter Dielschneider               Seconded: Bob Brann


 At this time the club would like to make a SPECIAL motion to THANK all those members who volunteer their time and expertise to our members. Members such as Tory Neald, Bob Dawson, Bill Dearborn, Samir Makar, Andre Beardoin, Linda Anderson, Herb Klassen, Ken Smith, and Emile Gaudet, Gerry Ford, just to name a few.

Gerry Ford is to be commended for spear-heading the making of comfort birds for Chemo patients. 300 birds have been delivered to the Cancer Society so far. Wood Carving Illustrated Holiday Issue # 57 has the pattern and Holiday Issue # 65 has poem.

 Motion to adjourn.      Moved Peter Dielschneider    Seconded Bob Dawson


Upcoming Meetings:

Feb 12, 2015  7:00        Neil Balkwill  Gathering
Feb 19, 2015  7:00        Neil Balkwill   Carving Night $5
Mar 12, 2015  7:00        Neil Balkwill  Meeting
Mar 19, 2015  7:00        Neil Balkwill  Carving Night $5
Apr  9, 2015    7:00        Neil Balkwill  Gathering
Apr 16, 2015   7:00        Neil Balkwill   Carving Night $5
Mar 14, 2015  7:00        Neil Balkwill Meeting


Club Happenings

Next Meetings:

Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

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Jan 11, 2018
Feb 8, 2018
Mar 8. 2018
Apr 12, 2018
May 10, 2018

Neil Balkwill Centre,
Elphinstone St. Regina

Monthly Carving Nights

On the third Thursday of the month at the Neil Balkwill Centre, Elphinstone St. Regina at 7:00pm

Jan. 18, 2018
Feb 15, 2018
Mar 15, 2018
Apr 19, 2018

Project Blank Provided - Cost $5.00

Free Drop-In Carving

Wednesday Mornings

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