The Vision of the Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers Club is to develop and maintain a fraternity of persons interested in all aspects of whittling and woodcarving.

Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

Meeting of May 14, 2015

Present: Linda Anderson, Wayne Cann, Bill Dearborn, Dave Hornung, Herb Klassen, Les Lye, John Robertson, Ken Smith, Alex Tivas.

Introductions: Everyone knows everyone and (thank goodness) Linda did not have time to think of an introductory question for everyone!

March 12, 2015 Minutes: Ken Smith/Herb Klassen moved that the minutes be adopted. CARRIED.

Information/questions/concerns from or for:


  • At this moment with no expenses from the Spring Show or the Chris Hammack class taken out we are sitting at $10,000.00

  • With 5 renewals of membership we have 48 members.

  • Our insurance is due, $435.00

Bill Dearborn/Wayne Cann moved that the insurance for the Club be renewed. CARRIED.

Secretary:  I would like to thank everyone to pitch hit for me if needed.


  • Chris Hammack’s class has 10 signed up which leaves room for 4 more. More info in March 12, 2015 minutes.

  • There are plans for a Comfort Bird carving Bee in the Fall at Tory's shop.

  • There are plans for a class on Woodburning by Linda Anderson and Alex Tivas in the Fall.

  • Possible Shop Tours of different carvers home shops or studios in the future.

  • We have 9 names on a list for Introduction to Woodcarving for the Fall. A big thank you to Bill Dearborn and Bob Dawson.


Bill Dearborn continues to be very busy developing our new website. Very shortly out website will be moving from Saskatoon to Toronto but this should appear transparent when on the web. Our new website address is A big KUDO to Bill for all his efforts.

Spring Show May 2nd and 3rd

Review and thoughts for future shows.

  • A big thank you to the volunteers for the major set-up and take-down of tables and chairs, etc.

  • A big thank you to Alex Tivas and Ken Smith for refurbishing our club sign.

  • Our new vests seemed to be a hit. They are comfortable and should have our crests on for the Queen City Ex display.

  • Notes from Herb Klassen

-33 tables
-54 for supper
-$300.00 for Music
-profit of $847.08 which means $423.54 equally shared with the WoodCarvers and WoodTurners.

  • next year the MS Walk is the same weekend of May (first weekend). We may have to move our weekend?

  • Some people were a little disappointed with the meal.

  • The caterer goes with the Tartan.

  • The Penny Parade was a hit and generated a lot of funds for the club.

  • The Demonstrations went well although maybe we could start them at 11:00 am. depending on the crowd.

  • Maybe large signage to say Demonstration on Chip Carving at 2:pm. Next demonstration of Wood Spirits at 3:pm. (Just an example).

  • Linda Anderson volunteered to head up Communications and Advertising as she will have more free time as her reign as President will be expired!

  • Notices in 'Seniors Magazine' and 'The Seniors Newspaper'

  • Ron Sikorski of the WoodWorkers has expressed interest in joining the WoodCarvers and WoodTurners in the next show. The next show could then be all Wood related. "WoodCarvers/WoodTurners/WoodWorkers". If this comes about we then could have hand-made tables to put our displays on!

It was agreed that the show was worth it, generating a few dollars and new members.

Queen City Ex

noon to 8pm.

Wed. July 29, 2015 to Sat Aug 1, 2015.

Sun Aug 2, 2015 - 9:30am to 11am.

  • Displayers/demonstrators should be there between 10 and 10:30am

  • Would be nice to be closer to the front...

  • Hope to have easy drop off point for set-up and take-down.

  • Parking could be problem

  • Bill, Alex, Ken, Herb expressed interest in manning the display.

No Other Business


Secretary Wayne Cann


Club Happenings

Next Meetings:

Regina Whittlers and Woodcarvers

Regular meetings are held at 7:00pm on the Second Thursday of the month. The odd numbered months are formal business meetings.

Jan 11, 2018
Feb 8, 2018
Mar 8. 2018
Apr 12, 2018
May 10, 2018

Neil Balkwill Centre,
Elphinstone St. Regina

Monthly Carving Nights

On the third Thursday of the month at the Neil Balkwill Centre, Elphinstone St. Regina at 7:00pm

Jan. 18, 2018
Feb 15, 2018
Mar 15, 2018
Apr 19, 2018

Project Blank Provided - Cost $5.00

Free Drop-In Carving

Wednesday Mornings

9:30am - Noon

Neil Balkwill Centre
Elphinstone St. Regina



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